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Facts About White Gold

Ever wondered how gold can be white? Or maybe you have wanted to know why your beautiful white gold ring occasionally needs to be re-finished to ensure it maintains its fresh, white appearance? Then read on to find out more!
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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a very important part of the marriage ceremony, so make sure you check our these tips to find the perfect style...
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The Perfect Engagement Ring

The guide to finding the perfect engagement ring. Learn how important the cut, colour, clarity and carat are when buying diamonds.
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Chapelle Wedding Rings Used For Aberdeen's First Ever Same Sex Marriage

Thank you to the happy couple for shopping with us! Once you've made the big decision to commit to one special person for the rest of your life, it's important to make the perfect choice of rings for the occasion.
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Topaz Jewellery

When many of us think of topaz we automatically picture vibrant blue colours which remind us of the blue skies and warmer climes! Well, that’s what I think of anyway. Did you know though that most of the blue topaz used in jewellery today has actually been heat treated to make this lovely colour?
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