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Understanding Water Resistance

Posted on: 14/01/2013

Many watches come stamped with the term water resistant followed by a number and letter combination, but what does this really mean? Here are our tips for understanding water resistance.

If a watch states it is 30m water resistant can you go 30m under water whilst wearing it? Well, no is the short answer.

Many watches come with the term water resistant stamped on the back. This is usually written in conjunction with a number and letter combination detailing how water resistant the watch is deemed to be. But this is a confusing phrase. If a watch is stamped as being 100m water resistant that does not mean you can dive to 100m whilst wearing the watch.

Water resistant comes in varying degrees. Each watch is tested based on a static test; resulting in the depth that is stated as not being a true reflection of the suitability for diving to those depths. In fact due to the pressure created by moving water, some watches are not suitable for wearing in the shower or even when washing your hands.

Below are the common water resistant terms explained:

30m Water Resistant or 3ATM - a watch with this stamp would be suitable for everyday use and can withstand accidental splashing. It can also be worn whilst washing your hands.

50m or 5ATM - this watch would also be suitable for everyday use but can also be worn whilst swimming.

100m or 10ATM
- this watch can be worn whilst poolside or high board diving and snorkelling as well as being suitable for the activities listed in the 30 and 50m sections.

200m or 20ATM
- Although this watch has been tested to 200m, it would not be suitable for scuba diving and can be worn for the activities listed in 100m.

200m Scuba Divers - Only watches that have been tested to ISO 6425 can be classes as 200m Divers water resistant. These watches have been rigorously tested through sustained tests that confirm the watch is a scuba divers watch.

So as you can see from the above information, the term water resistant can be misleading but we hope this information has helped you towards understanding water resistance a little better. If you remember the information provided in this article you should be able to select a watch that is fit for your purpose. Why not take a look at the discount designer watches to find one that is perfect for you?

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