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Proposal Guide

Proposing is a huge deal and it will be a memory that will last a lifetime for you both, so it's important you make it a moment to remember. The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and family for the rest of your lives, and however you decided to pop the question we always recommend putting your own personal spin to your proposal to make sure it means something to you both as a couple. Get inspiration from one of these romantic and heartfelt ways to propose below:

1. Where you first met or a place that means a lot to you both
Take a trip down memory lane and remind yourselves exactly why you both fell in love in the first place. This is a lovely way to reminisce and make the moment even more sentimental.

2. A beautiful holiday destination
This would be the icing on the cake to a perfect holiday. Why not do it whilst the sun is setting before you or by writing the famous 4 words in the sand.

3. Hot air balloon
Make sure they're OK with heights before opting for this option! Miles in the air with no care in the world, this is a super special idea with a peaceful setting and beautiful scenery.

4. Over a candlelit dinner
Most us love to be wined and dined! Pick a fancy restaurant, buy them a new outfit and surprise them with a "date night". Ask the restaurant beforehand if they will write "Will you marry me?" on the plate for your final course. Great way to blow them and the restaurant away.

5. At home
Sometimes the simple things really mean the most. Cook their favourite meal, play their favourite playlist in the background, reminisce on the good times over a candle lit dinner and pop the question after dessert. This idea is perfect for the partner who doesn't like much fuss.

6. Under fireworks
Do it with a bang! Fireworks are beautiful so if you plan on popping the question on New Years Eve or Bonfire night, this would be the perfect option!

7. Trail of flowers or candles
Create a romantic path from the door to the engagement ring and write out "Will you marry me?" with either flower petals or candles. Who said romance was dead?!

8. Scrapbook
This is our personal favourite. Put together a scrapbook with all your favourite memories together. It'd be lovely to include pictures, text, quotes and travel tickets such as train/aeroplane/bus/concert ones (if you have them) as these include dates, times and locations. On the last page of the book write "Will you marry me?". This is something they will be able to keep and look back on forever!

9. CAKE!
Everyone loves cake so why not propose with it? That is exactly what one of our very own customers did and we adore the idea! He got the whole presentation box made out of cake so it was edible and his now Fiancée could have her cake and eat it... Literally!

10. Over a picnic
If you have a partner who doesn't like fuss, this is a lovely way to pop the question. Put together a tasty picnic hamper which includes bubbly (of course!) then take them for a nice scenic walk and pick a spot with a view. You can either say how much they mean to you over lunch or write it down in a romantic letter, either way would be perfect. This is also a great way to incorporate your furry friends if you'd like them to be part of the special moment too!

Remember, no matter how big or small the proposal it's about the message you're putting across, so don't worry if it doesn't go exactly to plan, it'll be something you will both look back on and smile at together for the rest of your lives. We are confident you will find the perfect engagement ring online or in store at Chapelle Jewellery for all styles and budgets. All of them have at least 30% off the RRP and our dedicated Customer Service team will be more than happy to assist in finding "the one" for your partner.
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