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  • Ring Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

Finding the Perfect Fit

We know exactly how daunting and overwhelming it can be when you're planning on popping the question, and we appreciate there's so many things to take in to account. It's fairly important to know the size before purchasing a ring as it can of course be slightly disappointing if they can't flash their shiny new bling to family, friends and colleagues because it doesn't fit! Therefore we have put together an easy guide on how to source the correct size for that special someone without them knowing a single thing!

Tip 1. Ask a close relative or friend
It's always worth asking close relatives or friends as they may already know their finger size from previous discussions or past gifts. Failing that, it's always a nice idea to involve their loved ones in the secret mission! Encourage a loved one close to your partnet to take them shopping for the afternoon, this will allow them to "accidentally" bump in to a jewellery store, where her loved one can enquire about their ring size which will hopefully trigger her wanting to know hers too. This is a good way for their loved one to report back to you without you having any obvious involvement.

Tip 2. Pretend gift for somebody else
Make out you're browsing for a special gift such as a ring for your mum/sister/niece/auntie for their birthday, graduation or any special occasion. Make sure that this pretend recipient is someone whose hands are similar in size to your partner. This will allow you to ask her what her ring size is for reference without her suspecting a thing. If she doesn't know her size, go in to a store together to try different styles on to see "if they look nice on" or "what style she thinks would be best" for the pretend recipient. This will then give you a better understanding of a rough sizing and it's a really good way to get them talking about what kind of styles they like too. You could even buy an inexpensive ring to make the story more believable, so she definitely won't suspect a thing!

Tip 3. Borrow their ring
If they already wear another ring on their left hand you're in luck! This is a great way to find the closest size possible that they will need. If it's a ring they wear daily, try and discreetly measure it when they're in the shower or fast asleep with our size guide. Once printed make sure the 120mm bar at the bottom measures exactly 120mm, this ensures an accurate size reading. Place the ring on the circle that best matches the interior diameter which will then determine the size you require. Alternatively, if you are having trouble printing the size guide, feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 01895 201040 (option 2) and request a free ring gauge to be sent to your home address. If it's a ring she doesn't wear on a daily basis, pop in to your local Chapelle store and one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to give you an approximate ring size using a ring stick.

Tip 4. What if I still can't figure out the size?
If none of the above tips are feasible, don't worry you can always pick a ring that they will love in any size to propose with. If the ring doesn't fit once it has been presented, return it back to us in the brand new unworn condition you received it in and we will do all that we can source the correct size. However, please keep in mind that in some cases this may not be as straightforward due to some ring sizes having limited stock levels within the business, or that the ring can't be resized due to the setting/material. In rare cases like this we will ensure we do everything we can to provide you with a suitable exchange they will love!

Things to Consider

  • Weather conditions can affect the size of the finger. Fingers tend to be smaller when it's cold and 'swell up' when it's warm
  • Fingers can be larger than normal when pregnant
  • Our standard sizing range for ladies rings is J-S and for men is R-Z. If you believe your partners size isn't available online or between the sizes stated, contact us on 01895 201040 (optjon 2) and we will advise if it's a ring that we can get made especially for you in the right size

Request a Ring Sizer

Measure your very own finger with a free ring sizer from us. Simply contact us via email or call us on 01895 201040 (option 2) and we will send you one in the post so you can measure your finger in the comfort of your own home.

International Ring Sizes

If you don't know your UK finger size, you can convert accordingly with this handy International Ring Chart:

Pop Into Store

We recommend that the most accurate way to find your own ring size is to have your finger measured by one of our professional & highly qualified team members at your local Chapelle Jewellery store. This is done with an industry-standard ring sizer, which is a selection of metal rings in all the different ring sizes that you will need to pop on your desired finger. The team in store will then be able to provide you with your size. This service is free.

You don't Have the Size Available

Most of our rings for ladies are available in sizes J-S and most of our men's rings are available in sizes R-Z. If you require a ring size outside of our standard size ranges, contact us via email or call 01895 201040 (option 2) and we will be able to advise if it is a ring that can be made especially for you in that size. If we can, your ring may take several weeks to arrive from the manufacturer and will be exempt from our online returns policy.
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