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Jewellery, Watch and Clock Repairs

All our Chapelle branches offer a comprehensive jewellery and watch repair service at affordable prices. Our workshops have been carefully vetted to ensure only the highest quality of work is carried out by skilled craftsmen at competitive prices.

High Quality Jewellery Repairs at Affordable Prices

We carry out work in platinum and silver as well as all purities of gold. Our service ranges from a simple ring re-sizing or chain repair, to the alteration or complete rebuilding of your treasured items - including supplying diamonds and other precious stones if required. We can also re-string your pearls, with or without securing knots between each pearl, plus solder charms onto charm bracelets.

In store, we can quote for the most simple repair jobs while you wait. More complex work needs to be sent to a goldsmith for an estimate before proceeding. There is no charge for these estimates and you are under no obligation to proceed at any stage.

Please visit your local Chapelle branch with your items if you would like to know more about our repair service. For details of your nearest store please visit our Store Locator.

Guaranteed Watch Repairs and Overhauls by Skilled Technicians

All Chapelle branches also offer a watch repair service. We can repair most watch brands - both mechanical and quartz - as well as specialist timepieces such as divers’ watches and top end watches like Rolex and Cartier, as long as the parts are still available.

The majority of repairs can be quoted while you wait in store. We may have to send your watch off for an estimate, however there is no charge for this service (we may charge for postage however). We will also advise you before proceeding if it is discovered that any unanticipated work is required.

If you choose to have your watch fully serviced by us, we offer a 12 month guarantee.

Watch Batteries

We undertake to fit the majority of watch batteries on the premises while you wait, but during extremely busy periods we may ask you to return to collect the watch later in the day. We only use high quality watch cells and guarantee their power for 12 months and against leakage for 2 years.

We strongly recommend that you allow us to fit watch and other flat 'cell' style batteries for you and that you leave any expired or used cells with us for recycling. We are happy to recycle these for you whether purchased from us or not, as it is important that they are disposed of carefully. We recycle free of charge.

Please be aware that watch batteries should be kept well away from children as they can be dangerous if swallowed. See this BBC article for further details.

Bring your treasured clock timepiece back to life

Many of our branches offer a clock repair service, including cleaning and overhaul as well as repairs to most mechanical clocks and some quartz modules. Restoration services such as dial painting may also be possible. This service starts from £295 for all clocks.

For details of your nearest store please visit our Store Locator.
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