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Gold Recycling

Now gold can also be green

Recycle your pre-loved gold, silver and platinum with us and we’ll reward you with money off a new item in-store, a gift card or cash.

With quality pieces sourced from all over the world, a trip to Chapelle is a chance for you to uncover a hidden gem for less. And now you can enjoy even more of those ‘I found it moments’ by recycling your unwanted jewellery for money off your latest find, a gift card or cash. And you’ll be doing good things for the planet at the same time.

Sustainability begins in your jewellery box

The pre-loved jewellery you bring us for recycling is sent directly to our refiners who melt it down, remove any impurities and turn it back into the pure gold needed to make new jewellery. Recycling your jewellery this way means less new gold has to be mined. Gold mining can be a dirty business that harms the environment and we were one of the first companies in the UK to sign up to the Golden Rules of the ‘No Dirty Gold’ campaign. This means all the new gold we sell comes from sources we know protect indigenous communities, wildlife and the natural world. You can read more about this here.  And the really good news is, with your recycled gold, we can do even more to protect the environment and build a sustainable world.


Discover the value of your jewellery today

As well as gold, we can recycle your silver, platinum and coins, and we’ll offer you one of the highest rates available anywhere on the high street or online.

You can use the calculator on this page to get an immediate, free estimate of the recycling value of your gold and send it off to us by post. But this is only a rough estimate, as our calculator can’t take into account any gemstones, or whether the carat purity and/or weight are accurate. Also, please note that the price of gold will fluctuate as its value changes constantly, without notice.

We believe the best way to value your pre-loved jewellery is to bring it into one of our stores. (This gives you more flexibility and also removes any chance of it going astray in the post.) We’ll usually be able to give you a valuation on the spot (or while you’re browsing our store for another hidden gem). We’ll always tell you if we believe something is too valuable to recycle and we also guarantee we’ll never simply re-sell any of your items. So we’ll never try to buy something cheaply to make a profit out of it.

Put us to the test. You can always get another valuation before committing to recycling with us.

Enjoy a higher reward

Although we offer an excellent cash price for your jewellery we can typically offer you up to 50% more if you decide to exchange your items for money off a new item from the store. You don’t even have to make your mind up there and then – we can put it onto a Chapelle gift card, to add sparkle on your next purchase. One thing’s for sure, we guarantee our part-exchange or gift card offer won’t be beaten.

Got a question about recycling your jewellery? Find the answer here

How to use this form

Enter the weight (in grams) of each carat gold separately. This will indicate the price we will pay for that metal in both cash and vouchers.

For coins enter the number of coins you have and select the coin type.

Please note, if an item is not fully hallmarked, it will need to be acid tested in store before an offer is made and this may leave small marks on the item. The valuations given on this calculator will fluctuate and are subject to change without notice as gold prices change constantly.
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