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Getting Proposal Ready

Posted on: 18/03/2018

We all know that the proposal is a massive milestone. Will you? Won’t you? Will they? Won’t they?... but it seems there is a trend for the proposal. Is this a step too far?

It seems like there’s always someone planning an engagement, getting engaged or getting ready for their big day. We’re used to hearing about the wedding diet, the fitness routine, the wedding countdown, the weekly weigh-ins and the exclaims of “keep chocolate away from me!” But this is all after the proposal. It’s only natural that everyone wants to look their best on what is one of the most important days of their lives.

But recently we’ve been reading about people getting into shape for their proposal, and this opened up some questions:

Are they the ones planning the proposal? And if so have they given a bit of warning to their other half, so they look as in shape as each other on the day of the big question?

Are they getting in shape just in case they are proposed to?! 

Is this a healthy trend?

Is this all for the benefit of social media?

With the way we live our lives curating and sharing events, holidays and even cosy nights with our follows across various social media platforms there is more pressure to look your absolute best at all times. If one selfie isn’t good enough, or the angle isn’t quite right, you can delete it and take it again before sharing it (selecting the most appropriate hashtags, obviously).

Proposal photoshoots have rocketed in popularity, with couples testing out the prospective wedding photographer on an engagement shoot. Photos which will adorn your walls for years to come with and will undoubtedly find their way onto social sites, or the photographer’s website or blog for even a wider audience to see than your immediate social circle.

In a recent blog we discussed 10 ways you could propose. From a hot air balloon ride, to a picnic, at home or where you first met and wherever you choose you will probably want to take a photo so you have an everlasting reminder of the special day. Even if it’s just for you both to look back at, you can bet you both want to look your best.

You better hope the light is right, the angles are correct, and your chosen outfit accentuates the bits about your body that you like best. See, there is a lot of pressure these days!

Just look at the way proposal rumours are plastered all over the gossip mags and sites. Almost every day there is another story speculating about whether another celebrity is going to propose.

We knew Harry was going to propose to Meghan before the official news broke. She looked amazing in their proposal photographs which were on the front page of every newspaper and magazine the world over. Although we can’t find one photo of Meghan where she looks anything less than immaculate and healthy – she always looks ‘wedding ready’. 

The pressure for us to ‘look our best’ is thanks in part to Instagram, Facebook, airbrushing and beautiful people on our TV screens. The obsession we have with celebrity culture doesn’t help either as we find ourselves comparing our lives to celebrities.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and wanting to be fit and healthy, but the insecurities that many of us suffer from is highlighted by comparisons to other people’s lives.

So what do you think to being ‘proposal ready?’ is this something you are working towards or are you just keen on health and fitness? Or are you happy being you, and therefore consider yourself to always be ‘proposal’ or ‘wedding ready?’

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