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Topaz Jewellery

Posted on: 20/11/2014

Pretty in pink? Bold in blue?

When many of us think of topaz we automatically picture vibrant blue colours which remind us of the blue skies and warmer climes! Well, that’s what I think of anyway. Did you know though that most of the blue topaz used in jewellery today has actually been heat treated to make this lovely colour?

Naturally occurring pink and blue topaz is rather rare and therefore comes with a hefty price tag. Most topaz is nearly colourless and as the stones have really good clarity they’re ideal for heat treatment. This means we can get some fantastic bright pinks and blues; as I’m not a ‘pink girl’ the blue is my preference!

When I think about it, topaz is really versatile. Traditional styles of jewellery set with step cut topaz provide a subtle blue, brighter than aquamarine but in no way garish. When paired with accents of diamond and set in 9ct gold I can see the appeal of these very pretty stones but it’s the bolder, more statement pieces I’m always drawn to. Blue topaz is perfect for the fancier cuts, such as cushion, pyramid and heart, and ideally suited to bolder designs in silver with sparkling cubic zirconias. Personally I love some of the Diamore Primo pieces as I know I’m wearing real jewellery but fashionably ‘hard to miss’ styles. I think they go with my personality more; the more delicate designs just seem to look lost on me!

So whether you’re into pink or blue, topaz gives you the opportunity to add a flash of colour – subtle or not – to jewellery.

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