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Vintage Watches

Posted on: 20/04/2012

The latest trend for watches this summer is to find designs that have a strong vintage influence to them, or even a genuine vintage watch.

With the trend for all things vintage set to continue, with vintage clothes and handbags jostling alongside a love for retro hairstyles and makeup, getting a ladies designer watch that will fit in perfectly with the trend is the next step.

Picking out the most important trends for timepieces this year, James Stacey, managing editor for, said there are going to be two looks that will be on the most stylish wrists, one of which is definitely a vintage watch.

"Vintage and military styles continue to be very popular and will likely continue as trends. Thin is less of a feature this year, with more focus going to case and bezel material, movement and complications," Mr Stacey explained.

Watches are becoming more popular among female shoppers, with expert Tom Kennett, owner and designer for, recently saying that women are now seeing them as a stylish accessory, rather than just a practical device.

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