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Trend - White Gold

Posted on: 01/06/2012

The fashionable view of white gold jewellery is helping drive the cash-for-gold market in the UK.

A new report by gold refiner Capella has found that more people are selling their fine gold jewellery for money as white gold is more stylish.

Looking at the reasons for why consumers sell their gold items, it found that the top motivator was the high price of the metal, while the second most popular was the need for extra cash, reports Professional Jeweller.

The third most popular reason for selling fine gold jewellery was fashion as white gold is deemed more stylish.

Kevin Bloor, managing director of Capella, is quoted as saying: "In terms of jewellery trends, our clients have noticed yellow gold is less desirable than white gold and other precious metals; however the demand, and therefore the price for the fine gold, remains high for dealers and investors."

This means that people wanting to buy white gold necklaces from a discount jewellery store may sell their yellow gold ones first to make some money.

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