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Gemstone Jewellery

Posted on: 27/04/2012

Getting a new piece of jewellery can be the best feeling, as not only is jewellery something lovely you can wear every day, it is also the perfect way to mark an event or special occasion.

But if you want to get a piece of quality jewellery it can be difficult to know what to choose if you are not used to considering the setting for gemstones or the number of carats in a diamond.

In order to get a distinctive piece of gemstone jewellery that will still keep its value for years to come but which is priced lower than diamonds, Miranda Wells from the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University told the Express to consider looking to stones such as citrine or morganite.

She explained these gems tend to be lower in carat than other gems, but they will still look beautiful in a ring or necklace.

"These stones are also often cut as large pieces to maximise their attractive colours so a very impressive stone can be purchased for a relatively modest price," Ms Wells explained.

In order to be sure you are getting a quality piece of jewellery, it is vital to ensure the correct hallmarks are found on the piece to confirm they are made from gold or silver.

The expert also offered some advice for buying from an online jewellery store, recommending that you only go to a reputable supplier to be sure that the stones you are getting in your gemstone jewellery are authentic and of a high quality.

While some people are looking to invest in some of their first pieces of quality jewellery, others are looking to buy only the rarest stones.

A recent auction in the US saw a pink diamond sold at auction for $15.7 million (£9.7 million), making it the most expensive pink diamond to be bought at auction in the US.

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