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First Date Jewellery

Posted on: 05/03/2012

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking if you are unsure of what to wear but now a study by researchers at New York's University of Rochester have found out what attracts men.

Women wearing red clothes and red lipstick tend to get more attention from men than those who do not so a stunning red dress is a must-have on a first date, reports the Daily Mail.

It is also savvy to show off your neck on a first date, drawing your companion's attention to the area by wearing a fine necklace.

That is because the neck is an erogenous zone so you can show off your decolletage but make sure you don't flash too much flesh.

Fashion psychologist and image consultant Kate Nightingale told the news provider: "Men are attracted to flesh when they are looking for a brief encounter.

"But when looking for a long-term mate, they will avoid accessible women, because they can't count on their fidelity."

So make sure you give off the right impression on that all-important first date by donning a statement necklace with your date outfit.

Former OC star Rachel Bilson revealed how a series of gold necklaces can dress up and accentuate any outfit in a photo shoot with Lucky magazine last week.

She teamed a white one-piece swimsuit with a pink jacket and three gold necklaces in one shot.

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