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Deciding Between A Mechanical Or An Electronic Watch

Posted on: 22/12/2011

Women in search of ladies designer watches might find their first question regarding the accessory is whether to choose a mechanical or electronic piece.

According to the editor of Francis J, the decision is not an easy one as both have their advantages, including price versus functionality.

For example mechanical ladies designer watches will be accurate to the second within a day, while electronic watches are accurate within a month.

Speaking about mechanical timepieces, the expert said: “They should get a full service every five years, costing between ten and 25 per cent of the retail price.”

Over a 20 to 50 year period, the owner will have spent the same amount as the retail price on maintenance.

Conversely, electronic watches will need to be rebooted with a new battery approximately every three years, but the cost of doing so rarely rises above ten per cent, the expert said.

As such, there are benefits to both kinds of ladies designer watches, but which you choose is your prerogative.

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