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Simulated Pearl



Simulated Pearl


The desirability and high value of gemstones today has meant that they have become expensive and therefore unobtainable by some people. This has lead to the creation of almost identical looking but inexpensive substitutes, known as created and simulated gemstones.

Simulated gemstones do not have the same properties as the gem they are substituting, only resembling the natural gem in appearance. A simulated gemstone can be made from any material that takes on the appearance of a natural gemstone.


The elegance and beauty of pearls has lead to them becoming more and more popular. Though they are now more abundant on the high street their price still makes them unobtainable by some people. Man-made simulated pearls have become more wide spread in order to meet the rising demand for this beautiful gem offering a more affordable alternative to cultured and natural pearls.


Simulated pearls are used in a variety of different jewellery from 9ct gold pieces to bridal wear and costume jewellery, their relatively low cost also makes them ideal to be worn as a fashion accessory.

Care and Cleaning

To ensure that your simulated pearl jewellery maintains its beautiful lustre it is important to care for it correctly. Even simulated pearls are sensitive to acids, dryness and humidity, perfumes and hairspray should be applied and allowed to dry before wearing your jewellery to prevent any discolouration or damage occurring.

Simulated pearls can be cleaned using a mild soap and water solution being careful to ensure that water does not enter the drill hole as this may discolour the pearl. The jewellery should then be wrapped in an absorbent towel to dry. Do not use harsh detergents or cleaning solutions that contain ammonia as these will damage the pearl, as will the use of ultrasonic cleaners found in jewellery stores.

Pearls should not be stored with other jewellery as they can be easily scratched, they should be wrapped in a soft cloth or placed in a jewellery pouch. Do not store pearls in an airtight plastic bag as pearls need moisture so if they become too dry they may crack.