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Palladium is a new and unique precious metal, increasingly being used within the jewellery industry, especially for wedding rings.

It possesses a number of qualities that make it perfect for everyday wear, and is a metal that will last for many, many years to come. Palladium is in fact part of the platinum group, and although they share some of the same qualities, palladium also holds qualities and characteristics of its own.


Palladium is now the 4th precious metal in the world, and has its own recognised hallmark since the beginning of January 2010. In the same way as platinum, palladium is a naturally white metal, it is strong and hard wearing when compared to white gold, but it is also cheaper than platinum.

This is a metal that does not tarnish and requires minimum effort to keep it looking good throughout the years.

Care and Cleaning

As palladium is a naturally tarnish resistant metal, cleaning your palladium is simple. Wash the metal in slightly soapy warm water, rinse in clean cold water, and dry thoroughly.