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Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm

The Jewellery Outlet Ltd
P O Box 7549,  Colwick,
Telephone (0115) 9400 500 - Fax (0115) 961 3579

APPLICATIONS  please click here to download an application form. Please return completed forms to our head office at the address shown above.
INTERVIEWS - will be held locally as soon as possible - please ensure that we have a daytime telephone number.

Chapelle Jewellery – Springfields Outlet Centre, Spalding.


Thank you for your interest in our store opening at Spalding.  We hope these details will give you a good understanding of the opportunities which we have at the new store.  If you would like to discuss the matter further please feel free to contact us 


At Chapelle we specialise in the import, distribution and marketing of watches and gold and silver jewellery. We have twenty three designer outlet jewellery shops throughout the UK and we have extensive experience in jewellery retailing and manufacture and pride ourselves on achieving high standards at all our shops.

 The new shop will stock our extensive range of quality gold, diamond, and silver jewellery.  A significant part of our business is in branded watches from major UKand European manufacturers who license us to sell their end of lines or old season models. In our company we stock watches from Armani, Guess, Hot Diamonds, DKNY, Diesel, Police and main-stream brands such as Rotary, Accurist, Casio, Sekonda and Citizen the new shop will stock a wide selection of watches from most of these collections. You can see more of our stores and stock range at www.chapelle.co.uk.  You can download full application forms and job details from www.chapelle.co.uk/careers

 Products stocked in our designer outlet stores include previous season lines, trial merchandise, or manufacturers’ excess production.  We do not sell “seconds”, everything we stock is perfect.  Our stock includes high quality items from silver at a few pounds up to diamond rings at over £4,000.

 We provide our customers with outstanding value for money, something which is very important in Designer Outlet Centres where everything must be 30% below the normal high street price or RRP. We also present our shops as high quality retail environments with staff trained to a high standard to give great customer service.  In this way the customer gets the service and presentation of a quality jeweller with the prices of a discount outlet.  


All the posts are considered long term and permanent.  All posts include weekend work, including Sundays.  To be fair to all our staff we aim to share weekend days off on a rota basis.  We also share late evening sessions between all members of the team although it is possible that some may choose to work regular evening and weekend sessions if appropriate to their personal needs. 

MANAGER - Salary basic starting £19,455 rising to £20,478 + bonus which reflects the importance that this post has within our business.  There is a manager’s bonus scheme applicable after 6 months of employment which can significantly enhance the salary.  All our store managers can progress through pay scales which increase income according to the performance of the store.  Salaries are reviewed every January and adjusted to reflect the increase in store turnover achieved  - Five weeks paid holiday (after qualifying period), plus eight statutory Bank Holidays (or time in lieu). A full time 5-day week post the manager will be responsible for all aspects of running the shop.  Manager’s have a great deal of independence and autonomy in the way they present their store. 

Above all the manager will be a proven team leader able to drive high quality customer service and sales in a busy retail environment.  It is a requirement that the manager will have direct experience working in a service based retail environment where one to one direct selling takes place. A manager will have shown skills in one to one selling and will also have significant previous experience in a retail supervisory or management role.  Experience working within a medium to large size company retailing jewellery will be considered a significant advantage. 

The role is wide and varied and includes:- 

Driving sales performance and maximising the potential of the store and team members.

Establishing and maintaining a highly organised and focused sales and service environment.

Organisation and display of stock including stock control.

Staff administration including preparing work rotas and training.

Cash handling and banking.

Coaching and developing colleagues to become effective team members able to take responsibility and to work with confidence for the success of the business.

Liaison with head office and centre management and staff.

Ensuring a high standard of service is provided at all times.

Establishing and maintaining attractive presentation of displays following the established company display principles.

Establishing, and maintaining, a degree of organisation that will ensure the attainment of maximum sales potential of the shop.

Carrying out reviews and appraisals of all team members and preparing personal development plans for your individual colleagues.

The manager must have a positive attitude to work and an outgoing personality.

We are looking for someone who can maximise the full potential of the team members in the new shop by his or her own enthusiasm and effort. 

We place great emphasis on training and personal development of all our staff.  The manager will thus be instrumental in supporting, coaching and guiding the team to give excellent customer service. You will be encouraged, and expected, to take further training, funded by the company, possibly up to full Retail Jeweller Diploma level if not already qualified to that level.  You may also attend residential management conferences, usually atNottingham, and regional meetings. 

We hope that the manager will spend an induction period, of about two weeks, training and working at one of our other Designer Outlet Stores. Clearly this will involve the manager staying away from home during the induction period; subsistence and travel expenses will be covered by the company.  This may depend upon the time plan for opening and the manager’s present employment notice period requirement.

 ASSISTANT MANAGER:  This is a full time permanent post. 

We are seeking a full time assistant manager, preferably with experience in retailing jewellery.  However we would consider appointing a full time sales assistant who has the potential for promotion to assistant manager in the future. We do expect the candidate to have appropriate retail experience. This must be at a supervisory level, in a product range involving a high degree of personal service to the customer. 

A good salary is offered and will depend upon previous experience  £16,156 rising to £17,014.  Five weeks paid holiday (after qualifying period) plus eight statutory Bank Holidays (or time in lieu).  

This post is an ideal opportunity for an experienced and knowledgeable jewellery sales person or someone wishing to take a first step in retail management.  Our policy is that all staff should be empowered and trained to be involved in all aspects of the running of the shop.  The assistant manager will find this a challenging and demanding post giving support to the manager and the rest of the team to develop the shop fully.  

It is expected that the assistant manager will have an induction period of two weeks at one of our established Designer Outlet Stores, before starting at the new shop.  This will involve a period staying away from the locality.  Travel and subsistence expenses will be paid by the company for this period. 

You will be involved in preparing displays, stock control, advising customers, cash handling and all administration procedures of the shop.  You will also take an active role in maximising the performance of the shop through liaison with your manager and the rest of your colleagues including involvement in implementing training schemes and developing and coaching your colleagues. You will support the store manager enabling them to complete all the activities expected of the manager. 

You will be encouraged, and required, to take further training, funded by the company, possibly up to Retail Jeweller Diploma level.  You will also attend residential management conferences. 


We seek a team of enthusiastic sales staff. These posts are hourly paid on a starting rate which is reviewed after 3 months of employment.  initially at £ 6.50 per hr at age 20years (£5.66 at 18 -19 yrs), rising to £6.72 (£6.05 at 18-19yrs) subject to successful review after three months, There are four weeks paid holiday per year plus an allowance for 8 statutory bank holidays or time in lieu . 

 We are looking for a team of staff who are able to work varied hours including weekend, evening and mid week sessions shared on a rota.  There will also be one or two vacancies for those wishing to work only regular weekend and evening sessions. We always try to plan work rotas at least three weeks in advance.

 All team members must take a reasonable share of weekend working including Sundays as we share these times amongst all our colleagues.  If you have total flexibility in the days and hours you can work it will be an advantage.  If you have restrictions on the times when you are available for work there is a section on the application form where part time applicants can give details of days and hours that are suitable.  Please note any days or hours when you are unable to work. We will then be able to consider how best we can match your personal attendance needs.

 Part time posts may suit students or people with family and other commitments that preclude a full time post. 

 It is difficult for us to give exact information of hours because much depends on the needs of individual colleagues.  We ask that you define on the application form the ideal minimum number of hours you would like to work each week and when you may be unable to attend due to other commitments.

 We will consider your own needs and will offer you a contract with a guaranteed minimum number of working hours per week depending. Normally you will not work sessions of less than four hours and more often they will be five hours or more.  Work hours will increase especially at busy times around Christmas and to cover for colleague holidays or absence through illness. All part-time staff are expected to work a reasonable proportion of these additional hours.

 All part time staff are required and expected to increase their work hours to cover such things as staff absence or increased trading at Christmas as the needs of the business dictates.


 We appreciate that the success of a shop depends a great deal on the enthusiasm and hard work of the team.

 For this reason we run a commission scheme which can enhance the pay of those who work at our shops.  With the present scheme all team members will earn commission after the first three months of employment. 

 You will receive full information on how the scheme works when you start your work.

 Bonus and commission schemes are not guaranteed, and may not continue for all time. They do depend upon how well a shop does in sales and customer service. 

The bonus can, and does, lead to significant extra pay for our team members and all our colleagues have received extra income through these schemes. 


 Our store is targeted to open by May Day 2014

 All team members will be involved in all aspects of the setting up of this shop. We expect the whole team to start working together at the new shop from 28th  April.

 During the setting up period there will be product and sales training sessions and everyone will gain experience and training in preparing displays.

 Jewellery is probably one of the most complex of sales environments and we encourage all our staff to continually develop their skills and knowledge. You will receive training in aspects of jewellery knowledge and sales.  This may involve the need for small amounts of home study or reading both during the induction period and subsequently.

 We place customer service and a high standard of display and presentation high on our priorities.  Appropriate training in aspects of jewellery and watch product knowledge plus sales training will be available for all our colleagues, especially during the setting up period.  This will mean that, during the set up time, our part time staff will work extra hours over their standard contract.


The manager and assistant manager, after a settling in period, will be expected to study towards The JET1 qualification of the National Association of    Goldsmiths.

 This is a well respected, tutor supported, correspondence style course that involves home study which can lead on to a full Retail Jeweller's Diploma JET2 qualification after a further year of study.  The company will pay all fees and provide support and books for the Jet 1 course on the understanding that it is followed through to completion.

If a new team member joins us already qualified to Jet 1 we would, after a settling in period, support financially their study to full JET2 Retail Jeweller’s Diploma level.

 Interviews and applications.

 It is important that completed applications are sent to our Nottingham head office to arrive as soon as possible – marking the envelope SPRINGFIELDS DESIGNER OUTLET in the top left hand corner.

If you send a CV it is important that you also complete all sections of the application form. 

Include a covering letter if you wish.

Do not send any documents which you need returning – send only copies of important documents or photgraphs.

 It is important also that you include full reference contacts – including telephone numbers and the status of the person you are giving as a reference.

We will not contact your current employers without first receiving your permission.

 We must have a daytime telephone number and an email address so we can contact you for interviews.

 If you wish to scan and email your application please do so to catherine@chapelle.co.uk


We aim to contact all applicants called for interview directly by email or telephone.

We expect that interviews will be held on Tuesday 8th April

at the Springfield’s Outlet Centre - Spalding.

Please keep this date available!