Some women may be getting down on one knee today (February 29th) as Irish tradition states that women can propose on a Leap Year day and men have to accept.

New research by Eurostar confirmed this by revealing that 47 per cent of women would propose to their partner today.

However, while women are prepared to get down on one year today, 64 per cent still expect their man to buy them an engagement ring.

Good news for the ladies but not so much for the men who say yes this year.

Around 75 per cent of the men polled stated they would feel comfortable with accepting their girlfriend’s proposal on February 29th, with those in Bristol and Leeds being the most likely to say yes (90 per cent).

It seems that men in Belfast are more traditional as just 50 per cent would feel comfortable if their partner popped the question.

Maybe these guys should think about buying jewellery online for their loved one so they can propose themselves instead.

The train company also found that 49 per cent of men and 49 per cent of women would prefer to propose on a romantic holiday, so guys still have time to buy an engagement ring.

Paris was deemed the most romantic European city by 30 per cent of those polled, with Venice in second place (26 per cent), Rome (15 per cent) and Barcelona (five per cent).

Another 34 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women would like to get engaged on their partner’s birthday, while 31 per cent of men and 27 per cent of women would like propose on their anniversary.

Mary Walsh, director of communications for Eurostar, said: “It seems that the modern man has met his match with the modern woman with thousands of women planning to get down on one knee during Leap year.”

Another leap year tradition is that any man who rejects a woman’s proposal has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves so she can hide her ringless finger, although this doesn’t seem to have transferred into modern times.

29-02-12 1 Women preparing to get down on one knee this leap year