As we are now in May, race season has started leaving us with plenty of opportunities to show off our pretty dresses and also asking the question – what type of jewellery should you wear to the races?!

However, there are some dress code rules in place for those planning to attend Royal Ascot between June 19th and 23rd.

For the first time, the racecourse has issued a dress code to ensure everyone looks the part.

Luckily for us ladies, a pretty dress, hat and some fashionable jewellery is all we need.

For a more formal look, a long dress with a floral or sporty theme is perfect as it can be teamed with a jacket, in case it is cold, a hat and a white gold bracelet to glam up the outfit.

Dresses are not the only option for attending the races as a cute top and skirt can work just as well when glammed up with a hat and pretty bangles.

The races are also the perfect time to rock the Great Gatsby fashion trend so think 1920s clothing. This includes ‘flapper-style’ shift dresses worn with brogues and a fascinator or feathers in your hair. And if you’re wondering what type of jewellery should you wear to the races with this outfit, pearls could be one easy solution for you.

Regardless of the clothes you choose to wear, jewellery will be needed as this can make your overall look more glamorous.

One current jewellery trend that will work well at the races is chunky bangles.

These were seen adorning the wrists of models working for Fendi, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Balmain in their summer catwalk shows, states Vogue.

Ranging from subtle gold metal cuffs to bright bangles in a selection of jewel colours, there is one for every person and look out there.

Meanwhile, Hermes chose stacked tan leather bangles and Donna Karen selected bold wooden bracelets for her models.

This just shows that you can rock this trend in a wide number of ways and have plenty of choice when it comes to a race outfit.

Just remember not to look too much like you belong in Desperate Scousewives as the dress code has been designed to protect against this.

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