It has been a difficult year so far for Tulisa Contostavlos following her split from N-Dubz bandmate Fazer, not to mention the breakup of the group altogether.

It is no surprise that the singer has admitted to “heartbreak” over the internet release of a scandalous sex tape allegedly featuring The X Factor judge performing a sex act on fellow musician MC Ultra.

The tape emerged earlier this week depicting a blonde in the video, however Tulisa was slow to respond to rumours that it was a fact a younger version of herself in the footage.

She broke her silence yesterday (March 21st) by posting a filmed confession on video-sharing website YouTube in which she tells of her devastation at the emergence of the images.

The performer spoke candidly to the camera, which depicted her with smooth-backed hairstyle and gold earrings.

Tulisa said: “I can be honest – about six months ago I got calls from a lot of mutual friends telling me that he had this footage of me that was threatening to bring out for whatever reason – to make money or ruin my career.

“I confronted him and he lied about it, he completely denied it.”

The he in question is Justin Edwards, otherwise known as MC Ultra, who has counteracted Contostavlos’ claims.

He told his followers on micro-blogging site Twitter that to find the truth, both sides of the story should be heard before judgement has been passed.

Edwards also said: “I believe in silence being a sign of integrity but in this case I guess I’ll have to speak up and lay out the facts and let you guys decide.”

Although Tulisa was well known for her part in N-Dubz, the singer rose to new heights last year when she joined the judging panel of Simon Cowell’s hit talent show The X Factor.

22-03-12 3 Tulisa admits heartbreak over sex tape scandal