Looking for a slightly more unusual timepiece? Here are two great brands that both offer something a little different


On our blog this week we wanted to highlight two of our watch brands with slightly unusual features, each offering a unique design concept or technology to their wearers.


Cross Timepieces

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The first range is our stunning collection of watches designed by A T Cross. These elegant designs are beautifully crafted for a sophisticated look that can be worn for a smart meeting or out for a nice meal. These watches are classically styled and are stocked in a range of models for both men and women.

Each watch also comes with a Cross pen or pencil, which are the epitome of style in writing instruments and have been used by American Presidents for signing major documents including their inauguration.

As the perfect final touch, each set is supplied in a stunning brown leather presentation box, which beautifully displays these high-quality watches and writing instruments. Take a look at the example below and it is clear to see that Cross well deserve their reputation for elegance and quality. The beautiful presentation also makes these sets ideal presents.

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Below are our two top-selling designs for men and for women, showing the stylish simplicity of these beautiful designs. Which do you like best?

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28-08-14 Time for something a little different 3.2
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This Cross watch and pen set contains a skeleton watch which exposes the beautiful automatic mechanism within. Surrounded by a stainless steel case, the accompanying pen combines this silver tone with the black of the leather strap for a stylish complementary design. 
Bright blue hands and detailing add a modern touch to this classically stylish gift set from Cross, which includes a smart black pen and a gents Cambria watch. The watch’s brown leather strap complements the stainless steel casing and pale dial for a sophisticated look. 
This is a lovely ladies Cross gift set. The beautiful watch combines classic styling with a trendy rose gold-plated case and white leather strap, while the accompanying pen is a sophisticated combination of black and silver tones. The  Cross Palatino watch also has a seconds sub-dial and is 50m water resistant, so it is also a practical choice!
This Cross Timepieces set has a stainless steel mechanical pencil which matches the silver coloured sections of the watch’s two-tone bracelet. The shimmering mother of pearl dial has gold coloured hands and batons marking the hours, making for a lovely feminine design.


Precision Watches

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The second collection we wanted to highlight is our range of Precision watches. These watches are a dream choice for techy-minded men as they automatically adjust for UK time and calendar and are theoretically accurate to one second in 1 million years!

There are two different styles of our Precision watches, one of which is purely analogue and the other which has a dual analogue and digital display, but both of these styles have the same highly accurate timekeeping configuration. Behind the striking outer design, each watch has a highly sensitive radio receiver allowing it to receive time signals from the UK, Europe, US and Japan according to the Time Zone setting on the watch. They are also all world band (multi frequency) watches and they adjust automatically for daylight saving too.

All sounding a little too complicated? Don’t worry because once these watches have been set up and they are within range of the atomic clock signal, everything is done automatically and our expert store teams will be on hand to help you through the initial set-up if you need it.

These amazing features are why Precision watches are described as ‘the UK’s most accurate timepiece’ and the great discounts at Chapelle makes them such an amazing choice for people who like to have the coolest technology for the best possible price!

Our best-selling Precision design is one of their solar-powered perpetual digital and dual display styles. Take a look at this stylish watch below to see some of the features that make it so popular.

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• Solar Powered

• Automatic Radio Controlled time setting for UK (MSF), USA (WWVB),

Germany (DCF) and Japan (JJY 60Khz only)

• Time Zone setting by 31 major cities

• 3 levels signal strength indicator

• Reception indicator

• LCD reading selection for:

• Day • Date and Month • Hour and Minute • Second • Battery level

• Dual language selection between English and German for day

• Rechargeable 20 year (approximate) battery

• Battery level and charging indicator

• Estimated 12 months life from just one full charge

• 50m water resistant