Find out how to work the bold new trend for stunning statement jewellery

Statement jewellery has definitely been a key trend this year and it shows no signs of slowing down. Big, bold pieces of jewellery are surprisingly versatile and easy to wear – they can be used to dress up a casual top and jeans combination, or they can add some sparkle and glamour to make an eye-catching evening outfit. No wonder that so many celebrities have been spotted working this trend!

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites below, and given some tips on how you can get the look for less.

20-08-14 Statement Jewellery 1

Zoe Saldana shows how it can pay off to go bold and gold in this shoot for The Hollywood Reporter, with extra-large chunky gold bangles and cuffs.

This Hot Diamonds Bali cuff, in gold-plated silver and set with real sparkling diamonds is a great way to work this trend. With all the signature style of Hot Diamonds, this is a great bangle that makes an instant statement.

Alternately, work a similar style in silver with this edgy cage bangle. The open style means it is large and attention-grabbing without feeling too heavy on the wrist, while its low price means it is a really cheap way to add some serious style. You could even layer several of the same bangle like Zoe does in this shoot!

20-08-14 Statement Jewellery 2

In this outfit, Olivia Munn keeps her look simple and classic using chunky bangles and a large necklace to add a bit of edge.

This Fiorelli necklet is a great statement making piece, with its sparkling crystals and overlapping loops giving a waterfall effect similar to Olivia’s necklace. The simple colours mean this Fiorellinecklace will go with almost any outfit, and the low price makes it a great first piece to try the trend.

Alternately this 9ct gold beaded necklet is another eye-catching design, with its intricate latticework styling. This piece is particularly good if you want something that can also be used in the evening, or for more sophisticated looks.

20-08-14 Statement Jewellery 3

Rachel Zoe works her statement necklace into a casual outfit in this picture. Teaming an extra-large pendant with retro flares, hat and striped top she look s laid-back but still elegant and the bold necklace really helps with that.

This turquoise coloured necklet, another Fiorelli design, is a lovely bright colour and is perfect for injecting some summer colour into an outfit.

Alternately, if you want something slightly more low-key, try thissterling silver tassel pendant, which has a long drop to make a statement but without the large stones and bright colours of theFiorelli design.

20-08-14 Statement Jewellery 4

Kristen Stewart’s outfit at the Dior couture show in Paris definitely deserves a mention, where she wore ultra-long chunky chains and bangles against plain white to make them really stand out. This style looks effortless and summery, and can be made to work with almost any outfit.

For an easy way  to copy this look, and at a great low price too, try some of the long chains from Hot Diamonds. There are several designs like the Selene Maxi necklet which have extra long chains featuring charms and decorations along the entire length for an eye-catching style.

Alternately, transform one of your old pendants with a new, longer length chain. This 30” belcher chain is perfect for this, as not only is it a longer length but it is slightly chunkier than most belcher chains too. This chain is also great for layering over other pendants, another key trend this season!

The queen of the statement jewellery trend, though, has to be Rihanna. From unusual earrings to chunky gold bangles to attention grabbing necklaces, her jewellery choices are designed to get noticed. For Rihanna, even her off-duty style is pretty full-on! Take a look at the selection of styles below and see if you agree.

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20-08-14 Statement Jewellery 5.2
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