As London, New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks have all concluded, you may be wondering what the top jewellery trends are for the upcoming season?

With temperatures getting warmer in recent weeks, you may be eager to get started on shopping for jewellery online so that you can be a trend-setter rather than a follower.

Hilary Alexander, fashion correspondent at the Daily Telegraph, has compiled a report on the latest jewellery trends which can be found on International Jewellery London 2012.

One of the main fashion trends to emerge from the catwalk shows was a tailored cut, as seen at Balenciaga and Gucci.

This transcends to jewellery as you can expect necklaces and bangles to echo the clean and precise nature of tailoring.

As a result, modernist pieces in geometric shapes, such as boxed choker necklaces or moulded cuff bracelets, will be all the rage this spring.

Just think of  Michelle Williams’ stylish choker necklace that she wore to complement her backless red dress at the Oscars on February 26th.

You’ll also find an oceanographic theme in jewellery in the upcoming season, meaning sapphires, lapis, tourmalines, emeralds and jades? will be seen on necklaces and bracelets everywhere.

This theme comes from Chanel and Mary Katrantzou who created fashion masterpieces reflecting the deep blue sea.

Conch, starfish and sea horse motifs will be big on necklaces and earrings while some jewellery will incorporate real shells!

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and Prada paraded the theme of sweetness and light at their catwalk shows, which will be echoed in jewellery through multi-coloured dangly earrings and metal ‘lace’ necklaces.

Those of you looking for jewellery to wear with a posh dress for a night out or important interview may want to opt for pearls.

With the 1920s, 1950s and 1960s still playing an important role in influencing spring fashion, you can expect the ‘flapper’ essential – pearls – to be chic once again!

You may also find that ‘Pat Butcher’-esque earrings will be back as one of the spring jewellery trends. Good job as we’re missing her outlandish style on Eastenders.

Now don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for designer jewellery as you’ll be able to find plenty of stylish copies or necklaces inspired by these trends online so get shopping today!

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