Britney Spears’ career has taken her on a rollercoaster of successes and dramas as she climbed the slope of fame to trip over a number of controversies that even saw her shave off her blonde locks in 2007.

The Hit Me Baby One More Time singer appeared to struggle to maintain her pop princess physique as turmoil in her personal life seemed to send her on a downward spiral of alcohol and junk food cravings.

Still, 2012 may be her year as the newly-turned 30-year-old posed with her management team for a photo shoot for V Magazine, in which she wore a silver necklace.

Spears paired the silver necklace with a black bodycon skirt and a striped pink top, while thick platform heels propped her up alongside her male dominated ‘second family’.

The singer took to Twitter yesterday (January 10th) to tweet an image of her son flexing his muscles.

Spears said: “’My little Hercules’ enjoying his gymnastics class.”

11-01-12 2 Spears appears slim in silver necklace