Jessica Simpson looks ready to pop any day now as she awaits the arrival of her first child.

In a recent interview with US chat show host Jay Leno, the former singer revealed the pregnancy was unplanned, although she added: “We weren’t trying, but we were practicing, and not safely practicing.”

Simpson is set to have a baby girl with fiance Eric Johnson, who was said to have cried when he heard he was due to become a father.

Wearing a leopard print cardigan over a black dress, the newly-established business woman looked radiant as she allowed her blonde locks to flow over her shoulder, with gold rings decorating her hands.

Discussing her wedding, which has been postponed in anticipation of the new arrival, Jessica said: “I do still want to wear the pretty gown and everything, and now I have to wait till after the baby. Now she’ll just be in the wedding.”

13-03-12 2 Simpson opens up about pregnancy on chat show