Find out more about the beautiful September birthstone, sapphire, to see if it’s the perfect gift for someone you know

The stunning sapphire is the September birthstone, and is often linked to truth, honesty, and insight for both the wearer and the stone. Sapphire is mostly identified as being a rich royal blue colour. This distinctive shade is caused by minute amounts of oxide of iron and titanium in the stone. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite designs below in this lovely stone.

09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 1.1
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 1.2
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 1.3
From our affordable Diamore Primorange, this gorgeous silver bracelet has five real sapphires surrounded by cubic zirconia which looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is and is perfect for a dressy night out. Matching items also available.
This stunning ring features a large sparkling sapphire at its centre with a brilliant cut diamond on either side. Set in 9ct white gold, this is a gorgeous ring with a simple yet elegant design.
Another popular design from our Diamore Primo collection, these lovely earrings have a large central sapphire surrounded by cubic zirconia and set in silver to create an eye-catching piece at a low price. Matching items available.
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 2.1
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 2.2
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 2.3
This stunning ring is designed in the style of Kate Middleton‘s engagement ring and features a large 7ct dark blue sapphire at its centre, surrounded by sparkling diamonds and set in 9ct yellow gold for a gorgeous overall look. Matching earrings and pendant available. 
This delicate pendant has a lovely twistthat draws the eye down the 9ct gold pendant set with diamonds to the beautiful sapphire set at the bottom. Supplied with an 18″ chain, this design can be worn for all sorts of occasions.
Three stunning sapphires form the centrepiece of this lovely 9ct gold ring. Separated by small, contrasting white diamonds, this is an elegant design that would make a beautiful addition to any collection and is available with a fantastic discount off the RRP.



Pink Sapphires

It may surprise you to learn, though, that sapphires actually come in a range of other colours including pink, yellow, green and even stones that change colour between blue and purple! These are generally called fancy sapphires and are becoming ever more popular with the increasing interest in coloured gems.

The most popular fancy sapphire colour is probably pink, which is caused by trace amounts of chromium mixing with the gem to create varying shades of pink. Part of the reason for this gem’s growing popularity is that it offers a good quality, yet still affordable, alternative to pink diamonds.

09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 3.1
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 3.2
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 3.3
Featuring a modern twist on a traditional style, this is a beautiful half eternity ring with 3 candy pink sapphires and 2 sparkling diamonds set in an open cross over design. This stunning ring would make the perfect accessory to any outfit.
With their slim bar shape design, these gorgeous 9ct gold pink sapphire and diamond earrings have a distinctly modern feel. The pink sapphires give it a slightly unusual appearance, and the delicate colour contrasts nicely against the setting. 
Simply stunning, this lovely 9ct yellow gold ring is a modern take on the traditional half eternity style. It features a row of candy pink sapphires and white diamonds, perfectly complimented by the yellow gold channel setting. 



Black Sapphires

Another alternative to the traditional blue sapphire is to choose a very dark stone, almost black. Again, the popularity of this colour sapphire has been affected by a growing trend for black diamonds, which make stunning centrepieces especially in white gold and silver designs. They also make a great alternative to onyx, as sapphire is a much harder gemstone and therefore less likely to get damaged. Black sapphires are usually actually a very dark blue, but they give a similar look and we have some very stylish modern designs featuring this type of stone. We picked out a few of our favourites below, let us know what you think!

09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 4.1
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 4.2
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 4.3
The modern square design on this 9ct white gold pendant makes it a popular piece. The pale white gold and surrounding diamonds provide a lovely contrast against the black sapphire centre stone. 
This 9ct gold ring has a half eternity stylewith alternating sapphires and diamond set bars. Set in yellow gold, the contrasting circles and rectangles works with the contrasting black and white stones for a stunning modern design.
The swirling design on these 9ct white gold earrings is set with diamonds around the central dark sapphire stone. With matching pendant and ring available, this is a subtle modern design that can be worn again and again.
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 5.1
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 5.2
09-09-14 The September Birthstone The Sapphire 5.3
This pretty diamond and sapphire ringfeatures a slim 9ct white gold band leading to an open teardrop shape with 3pts of diamond detailing surrounding the teardrop of sapphire to the centre.
The diamond set swirl of this beautiful teardrop pendant has a jet black sapphire stone at its centre. The swirl shape has an intricately shaped open design in bright 9ct white gold. It hangs from a 16-18″ chain.
A sparkling wave of diamonds makes up part of this 9ct white gold ring‘s band. A ribbon design crosses over the top and surrounds the central round sapphire stone for a modern, eye catching design.