Scarlett Johansson has been showing off her fashion credentials by choosing to wear a distinctive diamond ring to the premiere of her latest film.

The actress has been on the red carpet to promote her new film The Avengers and looked stunning in a black Versace gown that featured a neckline that curved upwards.

But it was her stunning ring that was getting all of the attention, as rather than having a solid band over the top, the ring was a curved design that snaked around her middle finger on her left hand and across her other fingers.

She also sported a pair of simple diamond stud earrings and a gold piercing through the tragus part of her left ear.

A thin bracelet was also on her left wrist but rather than it being a silver or gold design, it appeared to be a temporary tattoo as it did not move when she raised her arm.

13-04-12 2 Scarlett Johansson sports statement ring for film premiere