It can be a trying test to know what the right Christmas gift is, however, those in search of online jewellery might opt for diamond earrings for their loved ones.

Winner of the UK Jewellery Awards 2011 prize for new jewellery designer of the year, Katie Rowland, believes diamond earrings are a great way to impress on December 25th.

She said: “Noting says merry Christmas better than a pair of platinum and diamond encrusted earrings.

“If you are of the traditional or classic type, then I would [recommend] opting for diamond solitaire studs.”

She further advised investing in a platinum pendant, perhaps studded with diamonds or a few coloured stones for added decadence.

Ms Rowland believes platinum jewellery is rising in popularity as more women come to appreciate its pure white colour and the opportunity to express ultimate luxury.

She concluded: “What else would a girl have her diamonds set into, than the absolute best?”

21-12-11 3 Say merry Christmas with diamond earrings, expert says