Yes, we know it is traditional but are flowers really the best gift you could give, or receive, this Valentine’s Day?


Yes, a dozen red roses scream romance but why do the florists always up the prices Valentine’s week? Personally I’d much rather my partner gave me roses at other times of the year….you know, to surprise me when it’s least expected. Actually, if I’m being completely open about it, I prefer yellow or white roses to red and my favourite flowers are lilies, but if he came home with any flowers ‘just because’ I’d definitely feel special. I might also wonder what he has done, but that’s probably more to do with the fact it would be so out of character!

So when some of us in the office got talking about romance and the perfect present we all agreed it wasn’t how much you spend that’s important but the thought that goes behind it. Ok, so it sounds like a cliché but we were all in agreement; a gift which shows he’s really given it some thought makes us feel warm, fuzzy and loved (feelings we all like!) A nice collage of photos of moments we’ve shared or a silly little gift that only the two of us get the significance of were the two which came out on top. At this point there was quite a bit of wistful sighing going on.

We also all agreed that grand gestures weren’t needed and a night in, just the two of us on Valentine’s Day, was the perfect way to spend the evening. At this stage I should point out that we’re quite a mixed bunch in our office, in terms of age and marital status, but we were in agreement. None of us were bothered about going out to celebrate, just snuggling up with some ‘us’ time would be perfect. We all know that our fellas weren’t the types to produce a romantic photo collage, sprinkle rose petals in our baths or fill the living room with candles but that’s ok, being able to relax and spend the evening together was actually all we want or need.

We say that but actually, we do love a gift! We all work with jewellery. We all love jewellery. We can’t get enough jewellery. We don’t think we’ve ever met a woman who doesn’t agree with us when we say ‘you can never have too much jewellery’. So this Valentine’s, we’re suggesting he hold off on the dozen red roses and instead chooses a flower which will last far longer. One in silver perhaps, with diamonds even? It doesn’t have to cost a lot but we’d much rather have this type of flower than one which will be dead a week after Valentine’s Day!


Say it with Flowers this Valentines Day