Waxwork models of Kate Middleton and Prince William have been unveiled in Madame Toussauds in both London and New York.

The models of the royal couple were created following huge demand from the public, with more people requesting to see replicas of the couple than any other famous names.

In London, the pair are shown wearing the outfits they sported when they announced their engagement, with Middleton sporting a simple silver necklace and a replica of her famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Their New York models are wearing the outfits they sported to an event in Los Angeles last year and sees Middleton wearing a glamorous diamond bracelet.

As the couple were not available to give the sitting that is normally required before work begins on a model, the sculptors had to work solely from photographs of the pair, with the waxworks taking four months to complete.

While the Duke of Cambridge has previously had a waxwork made, it is the first time a replica image has been made of the Duchess.

05-04-12 2 Royal couple replicated as waxworks