Miss Huntington-Whiteley’s name has become synonymous with sexiness since the star took over from Megan Fox as the lead beauty in the Transformers franchise and she proved why as Rosie holidays in Miami at the moment.

This week she is holidaying in Miami with actor beau Jason Statham, and has been spotted sporting a simple gold necklace coupled with her beach bikini.

The 24-year-old looked particularly slim as she trailed the path of the beach in a zebra-striped ensemble, which was further accessorised with two silver bracelets.

She hid her striking eyes behind large cats eye sunglasses, with her hair loosely framing her head.

The star recently tweeted a picture of her self, saying: “Haha … I look so sleepy in this photo.”

The image depicts Rosie in a slightly androgynous outfit, including a hat, while bangles decorate her wrist.

Although she could certainly be described as sleepy in the picture, the actress from Devon could also be thought to be pensive as she gazes casually down the camera lens.

03-01-12 Rosie holidays in Miami in gold necklace