Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts wore some stunning items of jewellery during a recent photoshoot that enabled her take to the cover of a fashion magazine.

Inspiring women in search of online jewellery, the flame-haired vocalist was pictured in InStyle showcasing a host of delectable silver necklace choices, among other jewellery pieces.

It seems the star was flattered with the opportunity to model for the publication as she took the Twitter to thank it for an incredible day that saw her sport some expensive designer footwear.

Today (January 5th) she tweeted to the publication to say: “The flames on those shoes are nothing compared to the ones on my head!!! I miss my Ginger hair! x [sic].”

In the picture included in the tweet, Roberts is seen wearing an elegant floral ensemble that is complemented by a large gem necklace that drapes down her chest.

The 26-year-old member of Girls Aloud was scheduled to appear on Channel 4’s Album Chart Show earlier today.

05-01-12 Roberts is aloud on magazine cover in jewellery