13-03-13 Product Review - Skagen WatchesSkagen watches combine elegant, contemporary and simple designs with skilled craftsmanship to create a very popular range of watches that reflect the Danish lifestyle and modern design influences.

The Skagen Denmark Steel collection is a very stylish range that features contemporary design and elegance. The signature mesh bracelet features heavily in this range. The stainless steel used in all watch designs is hypo-allergenic nickel safe but this is not be confused with nickel free; the manufacturers work to the EU standards on nickel content. Stainless steel can be ion-plated to create various colour finishes and is known for its hardwearing and durable qualities.

Skagen Titanium watches have contemporary styles with a hard wearing appeal. The titanium is used on these designs for the watch case and bracelet links. Titanium is also hypo-allergenic and highly corrosive resistant; they are strong, light weight and nickel free.

Skagen ceramic watches challenge the boundaries of traditional watch design as they integrate the dial and case into one sleek form. Ceramic is again hypo-allergenic and it is a high tech material that is scratch resistant. Care does need to be taken when removing or putting on the watch, though, as ceramic watches can shatter if dropped.

Many of the ladies Skagen watches feature popular crystal designs and these are Swarovski Elements; by partnering with Swarovski, Skagen can design glamorous and authentic watches.

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