Once you’ve made the big decision to commit to one special person for the rest of your life, it’s important to make the perfect choice of rings for the occasion


Here at Chapelle we always aim to offer the best possible service to all of our customers, and this is especially important when helping a couple to find the perfect engagement or wedding rings. We feel that choosing these rings is a central part of the wedding process, and one that can be very stressful. For some people this is the only or the most expensive piece of jewellery they have ever chosen, and as they are planning to wear it for the rest of their life it is essential to get it right! We have a wide range of choices to suit all budgets, including white and yellow gold styles, some set with diamonds or other gemstones while others are plain, and then there are all the different shapes of band as well. We want our customers get as much choice as possible but it can also make it harder to reach a final decision! This is why having a friendly and well-trained team available to help is so important.

We are always really glad, therefore, to hear from  our customers who think we’ve got our service just right. Recently, one happy couple found both their wedding rings in one of our stores, and were so pleased with the way they were looked after that they wanted to make sure the lady who served them got the recognition she deserved! Kathleen Hancock wrote in to tell us that she and her wife Paula Duncan had become the first couple in Aberdeen to have a same sex marriage, and that Hazel in our Livingston store had done a brilliant job of helping them to find the perfect rings for the occasion. Not only did they write a lovely email to say thank you, they also included the two pictures below, showing off their rings and obvious delight in their wedding.

19-12-14 The Perfect Choice 1.1
19-12-14 The Perfect Choice 1.2
The very happy couple…
               and their beautiful rings from Chapelle. 


So double congratulations are in order – firstly to Kathleen and Paula on their recent wedding and beautiful rings, and secondly to Hazel on her excellent customer service and dedication to getting it just right. It was great to read such a lovely story, especially in the run up to Christmas!