The One Direction boys are proving a hit with female fans across the pond but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

As such, the fivesome have been told by bosses that they are not to engage in sex as they need to maintain their glossy image for the US audience.

The stylish bunch, who often accessorise with bangles, are believed to be struggling with the news.

A source told The Sun that the group is “raging” over the ban, with Niall Horan said to be particularly devastated considering he has been an unexpected success with American ladies.

“Four of them are single and they’ve been told to stay that way as it appeals to their American teen fans.

“Niall is fighting off the women with his Irish accent and good looks so he’s having to live like a monk,” a friend of Horan’s told the newspaper.

In fact, the only band member of One Direction not prohibited from sex is Liam Payne as he is already in a relationship with dancer Danielle Peazer.

Harry Styles, the British favourite, is likely to be seething too as his recent split from 32-year-old Caroline Flack paved the way for him to woo his US followers.

The source also explained that it would be a challenge for the boys to break the rule as they are “being kept on a really tight leash”.

They added that failure to stick to the ban could spell the group’s demise as a sex scandal “would be the end of the band”.

One Direction kicked off their careers after auditioning individually for Simon Cowell’s highly-successful talent show The X-Factor.

Although the boys failed to make a big enough impression to mark themselves out as soloists, Cowell gave them a lifeline to form a band many anticipated would revel in the success they are now enjoying.

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