Nelly Furtardo is set to make a comeback on to the pop charts with the first release from her new album and the first single is influenced by jewellery.

The Canadian singer has revealed the name of her new song and that it is an ode to her love for large earrings.

Named Big Hoops (Bigger the Better), the song is to be released on April 17th prior to her new album The Spirit Indestructible hitting the shelves on June 19th.

Produced by Dark Child, she has released a 43 second preview of the song to give her fans a taste of her new sound.

The singer has been a fan of big jewellery for some time and is often seen wearing large earrings in her music videos or at red carpet events.

The new record is her first since she released the Spanish language album Mi Plan in 2009 and her first in English since Loose in 2006.

11-04-12 1 New Nelly Furtardo track about hoop earrings