While most Hollywood stars are used to wearing only the finest jewellery and clothing, Vanessa Paradis has explained that a necklace from her son is the most precious thing she owns.

The partner of Johnny Depp told the Mail on Sunday she was given a necklace by her son John as a gift when he was very young.

Her little boy made it for her himself, something which Vanessa said makes the gift all the more special to her and that she would not replace it for all the rubies in the world.

“The truly precious things will always take you back to the moment that you were given them, and you never forget the emotion that went along with them,” the singer added.

LeAnn Rimes has also been speaking about how precious a necklace is to her, as she recently received a pendant from her two step-sons to celebrate her first wedding anniversary to their father Eddie Cibrian.

30-04-12 2 Necklace from son 'a treasured gift for Vanessa Paradis'