Ryan Giggs’ private life has caused more of a stir than his on-pitch performance over the last year following a string of revelations about his extra-marital affairs.

The footballer, who fought fervently to keep his name out of the tabloids, lost his privacy case regarding his romance with Welsh model Imogen Thomas.

This was soon followed by the shocking news that not only had the 38-year-old gone behind his wife’s back, Stacey, but he had also double-crossed his brother Rhodri by carrying on an eight-year affair with his spouse Natasha Giggs.

Natasha has since became a figure of public discussion, no less for her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) last year, but has once again come under the spot light after making new claims during an interview on Irish television.

Appearing as a guest on The Late Late Show, the former estate agent admitted that she had terminated a baby she believed was fathered by Ryan.

The Daily Mail quoted her as saying: “When I became pregnant I was 100 per cent it was Ryan’s child. Rhodri and I weren’t sleeping together. I told him I was pregnant.”

Natasha, who was pictured by the news provider wearing a knee-length black dress and hoop earrings, continued to explain that she felt her only option was to terminate the pregnancy.

The 29-year-old described how she had to hide the pregnancy from her husband but admitted that she didn’t want to have the baby.

She added: “I felt like I was going through it [alone].

“When it was over I thought I made the right decision. At that point we agreed to stop seeing each other. It was a massive wake up call.”

Natasha was recently pictured alongside Rhodri in what appeared to be a reunion.

However later images surfaced of her walking hand-in-hand with fellow CBB contestant Kirk Norcross, laying to rest speculation the pair were getting back together.

26-03-12 1 Natasha Giggs makes shocking Ryan baby revelation