One of the leading cast members of Jim Henson’s successful puppetry troupes has surprisingly revealed she maintains her youthful looks by indulging in Botox procedures.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Miss Piggy revealed she was a fan of cosmetic enhancements that prevented the signs of ageing from kicking in.

The diva puppet told the news provider: “I look younger. And the truth is that I have had work done. I’m not afraid to admit it.

“I believe one should maintain one’s beauty by whatever means necessary – nip and tuck, Botox, caulking. If it works, do it.”

A movie still from The Muppets film shows Miss Piggy dressed as the plus-size editor of French Vogue, in which she wears a pearl necklace, gold bracelets and patterned jacket that would be the envy of US counterpart, Anna Wintour.

Released in 2011, The Muppets depicts the puppets best efforts to reassemble as a group in a bid to prevent a greedy oil tycoon from getting his hands on their old theatre.

Amy Adams and Jason Segel added a human presence to the cast.

21-03-12 2 Muppets star admits to using Botox