Do you like to mix it up with your metal tones or do you prefer to stick to a single shade?

One of our favourite new trends has been the tendency to start mixing different shades and tones in a single style or design. It has long been held that only one type of metal should be worn at once but now that is being thrown out the window! Some people are even starting to mix different colours for their wedding and engagement rings like Kaley Cuoco and Kate Middleton, both shown below.

Kaley Cucuo wedding rings_634x604

(Kaley Cuoco (image from Daily Mail) and Kate Middleton (image from What Kate Wore) have both worn mixed gold rings for some time.)

The obvious colours to combine are white, yellow and rose gold, although other metals can also be used too! You will need to be careful when mixing jewellery made of different metal types though. This is because some metals are harder than others, for example silver is much harder than gold, so if you were to wear a silver ring next to a gold one it could wear away the softer metal as they rub against each other. The same could happen with different types of gold, too. We would advise you to only wear 9ct gold next to 9ct gold, and so on, to avoid any damage being caused to either ring.

Even if you were to just stick to white, yellow and rose gold though, there are still lots more variations than just three shades! This is because gold is actually created from a mix of metals, with the amount of gold in the piece determined by the carat weight. The common ones in the UK are 9ct, 18ct, and 24ct gold, with higher numbers indicating a higher gold content – logical! It also means that the tone can vary depending on what other metals are added to the gold. This is how rose and white gold are created. The reddish tones of rose gold are usually created by adding copper to the mix, while white gold is created by adding white metals, including silver and palladium.

It is also possible to mix different shades within a single piece of jewellery, and there are lots of beautiful designs that do this. This jewellery can be made from a combination of two metals as they are designed this way so they don’t rub together.  Our Synergie range, for example, combines silver and gold to create stunning two-tone styles, which create the impression of white and yellow gold at a much lower price.

We’ve picked out a selection of gorgeous mixed tone jewellery designs below, showing how they combine different shades to give you an idea of how you could work something similar into your own style. Let us know what styles you like, or if you have any of your own tips for working with this attractive trend do get in touch!











Two strands of 9ct rose gold run through the centre of this white gold ring to create a trendy, modern design. The raised diamonds total 39pts and provide the perfect finishing touch for the design.







This pretty daisy pendant is designed by Hot Diamonds, who have cleverly used a gold-plated finish on some of the silver to create the impression of yellow pollen at the centre of the flower. Hot Diamonds use similar effects on other designs too, including their popular Love Bites collection of tempting rose gold plated apples and pears. 









These beautiful studs combine strands of 9ct yellow and white gold for a beautiful overall effect. Three circles entwine in these lovely earrings, two of yellow and one of white, which all interlink to create a delicate open design.  








Sparkling crystals line the edge of this beautiful pendant. The rose gold-plating on the flower at the centre contrasts nicely against the surrounding silver, highlighting the pretty design for a beautiful overall look.










A slightly different twist on the mixing trend, this pair of earrings is from our Ceramica range and combines silver and cubic zirconia with black ceramic loops for a very strong, striking contrast.








Watches are a great way to work the trend too and this beautiful ladies Fossil style ticks all the boxes! Not only does it combine a lovely mix of white and rose gold tones with its two tone strap and rose gold plated case, the large round dial and slim bracelet is also a very modern look too.









This two tone Rotary watch is from their Les Originales collection – a range of high quality designs which are Swiss made for a superior finish. This particular watch has a strong contrast between stainless steel and gold-plated sections, showing this trend is definitely not just for the girls!








This stunning ladies Citizen Eco-Drive watch offers another variation on the trend, as it creates a two tone look using rose gold plated sections combined with dark ceramic detailing. Finished with sparkling diamonds on the face to mark the hours, this is a truly attention-grabbing design.