06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 1

The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK


Casio watches, and the G-SHOCK models in particular, are extremely popular. The chunky, bold design and sophisticated features are a winning combination.

The G-SHOCK range was introduced at a time when watches were still relatively fragile; this meant an active lifestyle or a sports fan had to remove it or risk causing damage. The head of watch design at Casio at this time was Kikuo Ibe and he wanted to design and make a watch that ‘doesn’t break, even when dropped.’

And so, in 1981, Project Team Tough was formed to target a ‘triple 10’ approach, which would offer 10 metre dropping shock resistance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10 year battery life. It took many failed attempts and hundreds of prototypes but eventually a shock resistant model was achieved and the G-SHOCK range was born!

Since G-SHOCK was first launched, it has continually grown in popularity and now, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary, models can be seen adorning the wrists of the rich and famous, explorers and sportsmen, businessmen and tradesmen. G-SHOCK is a trend that has infiltrated all walks of life and it doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon!

To celebrate this we have picked out our top 8 G-SHOCK styles, take a look below:

06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 2.1
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 2.2
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 2.3
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 2.4
This gents Casio G-Shock watch has a blue plastic strap leading to a digital display showing the many features; including world time, alarms, data recorder and stopwatch. With the chunky design and brilliant features, this Casio G-Shock watch is a must have.
The clean white finish on this Casio G-Shock digital watch makes a clear statement. Despite being packed with features including day, date, time, a stopwatch, light and 200M water resistance the digital displays remain uncluttered and easy to read.
This bold limited edition watchfrom the Casio G-Shock range is definitely eye-catching. The colourful dial combines digital and analogue, with bright orange detailing. Features include a stopwatch, alarm, back light and world time functions as well as 200M water resistance and the usual G-Shock features. 
This gents Casio watch is a G-Shock with a chunky all-black design. White and silver metallic detailing is used to highlight the various features, such as world time, alarm and date, shown on the digital and analogue dials. This G-Shock watch is also a wave ceptor model so it’s radio controlled. It is also 200m water resistant as a finishing touch.
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 3.1
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 3.2
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 3.3
06-08-14 The Making of the Casio G-SHOCK 3.4
The attractive skeleton design of this gents Casio G-Shock watch shows the digital sub-dials in the background, with the analogue dial on top. Packed with features, including the date, world time function, alarm and LED light, this is a great watch. And because it’s a G-Shock it’s also 200M water resistant and shock resistant too!
This chunky Casio G-Shock watch has a slick metallic grey resin strap and easy to read digital display. Like all G-Shock models this watch is shock and water resistant, and it is packed with extra features too, including date, alarm, timer and a stopwatch to keep you covered whatever the situation. 
This Casio G-Shock watch has a pure white design and a large case, which ensures it has a stand out designer feel. The digital display is split to show the day and date in the top half and the time at the bottom. It also world time, stopwatch, alarm and an LED light feature, as well as being 200M water resistant and shock resistant too, making it a must-have style.
This Casio G-Shock has a distinctive designer look, with an eye-catching metallic blue bezel surrounding the dial. The radio-controlled, solar powered watch has digital and analogue time, as well as day and date sub-dials. This is a seriously stylish G-Shock watch, and a perfect addition to any collection!