X-Factor winners Little Mix have been showing off their patriotic feelings in a new photo shoot to promote M&M’s new blue, white and red package for the Diamond Jubilee.

The girl group were let loose in the brand’s flagship store in Leicester Square, London, where they got to play around with the candy.

All four members of Little Mix showed off their enviable figures, cool fashion sense and stunning jewellery.

Jesy wore pink shorts with a white denim jacket and accessorised with a thin silver bracelet.

She wrote on Twitter: “Hey Mixers! Check us out launching new Union Jack M&M’s today 🙂 This shoot was soooooo much fun!! Hope u like! Jesy xx.”

On the shoot, Perri rocked a blue and white corset with blue shorts, which she teamed with a red heart necklace and two chunky bangles.

Meanwhile, Jade donned a yellow t-shirt with blue shorts, with lace leggings underneath, and several chunky bracelets.

Leigh-Anne was the only member of the girl band to not wear any jewellery as she chose to complement her boob-tube and short ensemble with a black hat instead.

Just goes to show how popular the current trend for friendship bracelets is right now!

23-05-12 2 Little Mix show off chunky bangles in photo shoot for M&M's