LeAnn Rimes has been posting pictures online of the stunning ring she received as a gift from her husband to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

The country and western singer tied the knot with Eddie Cibrian a year ago and to mark the date he gave her a stunning ring.

A large irregular oval-shaped gem is set on to the ring, with a line of small glittering stones running around the edge.

LeAnn seemed thrilled with her gift and took to her Twitter account to post a photo and state: “I have a very thoughtful husband with great taste!”

It was not the only present she received, as she was also given a necklace with a wing pendant by Eddie’s two young sons from his previous marriage, which she was shown wearing with a white lace dress.

The marriage is not the first for either star, as they both left their respective partners after meeting on the set of the made-for-TV movie Northern Lights in 2009.

24-04-12 2 LeAnn Rimes shows off anniversary present ring