Lady Gaga has announced she is to give a special necklace to her most devoted fans who turn up to see her tour.

The singer is set to kick off a world tour in South Korea and took to her Twitter feed to announce that she would be giving away the necklace as it is the key to her fan area.

The area directly in front of the stage is known as the Monster Pit and it is this that will be opened by the first person in line to get into her concert each day.

Created in the shape of a skull, the necklace features a long flowing ponytail coming from the top of the head and looks as if it was inspired by the costume she wore in the video for Born This Way.

“This a necklace I’ll give to the first monster in line every night at the Ball. It’s a symbol of the ‘key’ that opens the pit every night,” the Bad Romance singer wrote on the social networking site.

27-04-12 1 Lady Gaga to give necklace to fans