There is a style revolution going on for ladies digital watches, as practical and functional gets a make-over!

Digital watches are efficient, easy to read, and often display more information or have more functions than an analogue watch, making them a very practical choice. Until recently, however, they tended to look practical too. If women wanted a stylish or pretty design they usually had to look at analogue watches instead – but now this has all changed! Read on to find some of the stylish digital options for women that are now available.


Casio – Baby-G

One of the first brands to realise this gap in the market was Casio, who released their Baby-G range of ladies watches way back in 1990. These watches were modelled on the tough and durable yet stylish range of G-Shock watches, and were designed to have the same capabilities but with more feminine designs. These designs are still going strong as shown by the popular models below.

17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 1.1
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 1.2
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 1.3
This Casio Baby-G watch has the iconic styling typical of these designs. The digital display is clear and easy to read, and shows all the various functions such as world time, timer and alarms. It is also 200m water resistant, making it a great all-round watch.
This black Baby-G watch takes a slightly different approach, combining the main analogue dial with small sub-dials for extra features, including the day, date and alarm. The subtle black and great design creates a stylish finish for a great looking watch.  
The lovely bright pink colour on this ladies Casio Baby-G watch is both bold and feminine. A metallic pink bezel frames the digital display, which shows the day, date, world time, stopwatch, timer and alarm functions and this watch is 100m water resistant too!

Casio – Retro

Casio also do a great range of retro digital watch styles. Slimmer than the standard Baby-G watch, these designs often have gold-plated or metallic finishes instead of resin too. They can be worn during the day or in the evening, and will be sure to make a stylish statement at either occasion!

17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 2.1
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 2.2
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 2.3
This ladies Casio watch has a classic retro design, which places the digital display at the centre of the style! The slim bracelet looks great and the cushion dial shows the time, alarm, stopwatch, day and date.
This retro-inspired Casio watch combines a slim black leather strap with a gold plated digital display. This shows the time, date, alarm and stopwatch functions, and also matches the gold and black colours of the watch fro a superb design. 
This ladies Casio watch has retro styling, with a gold plated bracelet and a small cushion shaped dial with simple digital display. The dial clearly shows the time, as well as additional features including an alarm and timer, and it’s 30M water resistant too!


Another brand is great for making a serious fashion statement is Diesel, and their eye-catching ladies digital watches certainly don’t disappoint! The bold colours are both pretty and attention grabbing, and the silicon straps work well with the rectangular digital displays for a modern designer feel.

17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 3.1
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 3.2
The bright pink strap of this Diesel watch is a Thermal Attraction strap which changes changes colour with the temperature between hot pink to white. The digital display suits this unique technology, creating a modern designs which also clearly displays the time, day, date, chronograph, timer and alarm. 
This striking Diesel watch has a bright red rubber strap that leads to the matching red casing. The rectangular dial has a digital LED display which also shows the time and date in red, to complete the contemporary design. It’s also 30m water resistant.



The final brand we want to highlight is Kahuna, who make lovely feminine digital watches at low affordable prices. Highlighted below are two examples from their most popular styles, each available in a wide range of colours. The round dial watch has a decorative floral pattern as a pretty touch, while the rectangular watch looks more functional but still small, slim and easy to wear.

17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 4.1
17-09-14 Ladies digital watches 4.2
The all purple design to this ladies Kahuna digital watchfeatures a plastic strap with floral detailing, and metallic purple coloured casing and bezel. The digital display means the numbers are still clear and easy to read despite the petite 28mm wide case, and additional features include 50M water resistance, a light, and an alarm for a great little watch. 
This digital Kahuna watch is suitable for all. The contemporary styling of the dial creates a modern feel, with the digital numbers prominently displayed in an unusual way that makes a practical feature into a designer touch. The sleek plastic strap and added functions of a light, date and 100M water resistance, completes the watch.