Kim Clijsters has been featured in a new range of advertising posters for Citizen watches to promote the brand’s new collection.

The company is promoting its new range of Eco-Drive watches and Clijsters is pictured next to the bracelet design made in dark grey metal, which has a black face and diamonds inlaid along the edges.

The tennis player is shown in the commercials hold up her racket, with her hair pulled back into a chic style.

She is also shown wearing a simple silver necklace with a small pendant.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches are created with solar panels installed in them, meaning there is no need for a battery, as well as being guaranteed to work for the lifetime of the timepiece.

Clijsters has been a spokesperson for the ladies designer watches for some time, as she first signed up to work as a spokesperson with the brand in March 2010.

16-04-12 3 Kim Clijsters features in new Citizen watch adverts