A bracelet worn by Kate Middleton during an event has helped to give a big boost to a small charity.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore an orange and purple beaded bracelet when she went to visit East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, which is one of her chosen charities.

The bracelets are made by Imogen Sheeran – the mother of the singer Ed Sheeran – and she told the Western Daily Press there have been 800 orders for the bracelet since the duchess wore one.

When the duchess was seen wearing the bracelet, Ed was not shy about telling the world of his mother’s involvement, as he posted pictures to his Twitter account stating that his parent had created the now-famous design.

“I’m delighted the bracelet has been so successful. Each is such an important cause and I’m glad I’m able to raise funds with my design,” Ms Sheeran told the newspaper.

She added that she is now planning to train more volunteers to make them to keep up with the demand.

30-04-12 1 Kate Middleton's bracelet 'provides boost to charity'