Kate Middleton has once again transformed a ‘recycled’ outfit with a pair of earrings.

On May 29th, she was spotted wearing a pink designer dress that she had worn two weeks before.

She made it look different both times by teaming the gown with a pair of pearl earrings on its second outing.

This week, Kate did the same with a blue teal coat designed by Missoni, which she has been seen rocking before.

The 30-year-old wore the coat on a Diamond Jubilee outing to Nottingham with her husband Prince William and the Queen.

A pair of sapphire and diamond earrings complemented the coat and made it look different from the first time she wore it.

While in Nottingham, the Royal party greeted the 35,000 people who had gathered to see them, visited a school where they saw a sports day and toured the city.

Kate and her husband also sang the national anthem while the Queen looked on in front of the vast crowd.

14-06-12 1 Kate Middleton once again dresses up recycled clothes with earrings