25-06-13 June Birthstone - Pearl

Would you like to learn a little more about the June birthstone – Pearl? Then read on!

The elegance and beauty of pearls makes them ideal to be used for a wide variety of jewellery from bridal and evening  wear to everyday pieces. They can often be spotted on the red carpet or in the ears and around the neck of the likes of Kate Middleton and the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’.

It can take many years to create a pearl suitable for making into beautiful jewellery. Cocooned inside the protective mollusc shell, a pearl is made as the mollusc covers an irritant with hundreds of layers of an iridescent substance called ‘nacre’. The result is the formation of a unique and individual gem.

There are many different types of pearls which are named depending on how they are created. Natural pearls are the most expensive and sought after and are extremely rare with very few being the the size for use in jewellery. Cultured pearls or freshwater pearls are more readily available are created by inserting a small bead inside the mollusc shell around which the pearl is formed. This fast process helps make these pearls more readily available and makes them more affordable. Take a look at the wide range of cultured pearls available online.

The art of culturing pearls has made them more abundant and affordable and what was previously a luxury item reserved for high society have now become an affordable extravagance for all.  Available in a large variety of sizes and shapes, pearls range in colour from the classical cream to iridescent shades of pinks and greens, blues and even black. They are such a versatile gemstone that they can be set in yellow gold or silver.

With such a wide range of colours and styles at great affordable prices why not take a look at the range of pearls available online and treat someone to a special birthday gift this month…