It’s a brand new month so we thought we’d spend some time focusing on the July Birthstone – ruby. With their stunning colour, hardness and relative rarity, rubies are a sought after gemstone.

Available in a small number of mines around the world, the majority come from South East Asia, Burma and Thailand and are available in a wide range of tones varying from warm pinks and oranges to deep brownish reds. The ruby red colour has long been associated with love, passion and power and the ruby’s colour is often considered the most important feature.

The intense colour of the ruby has led to there being many myths and legends associated with this striking gemstone. Symbolising fire and blood, implying warmth and life, ruby-red is a hot, passionate, powerful colour which makes the ruby the perfect way to express intense feelings. A gift of a ruby ring is said to symbolise the deep passionate love that people feel for each other.

Throughout history many people believed that the ruby held mystical powers. Some believed that the brilliant red colour of the stone was due to an inextinguishable fire that burned inside the stone, bringing long life to the wearer.

So with the passionate and fiery connotations and the inextinguishable fire, ruby jewellery is a great item to present as a gift. Take a look at the range of ruby jewellery available online today and treat the fiery one in your life!