Adding some dazzling jewellery to your outfit can make all the difference between the look being stunning or simply standard.

Picking out the right pieces to go with your outfit can lift it up and make you look truly outstanding, with the Galway Advertiser noting that it is best to consider the time of day and the event before picking out your jewellery.

Wearing 9ct gold jewellery can be a great idea if you have a warm tone to your skin, while silver earrings and bracelets can work better with those who have a cooler tone.

“A simple gold or silver chain and matching earrings will add class to any ensemble whatever the occasion,” the publication suggested.

It added that bigger earrings can look great later on in the day, so it is best to save your larger designs for events taking place in the evening.

The outfits worn at the recent Met Costume Ball showcased this, with Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockerty adding a pair of stunning gold earrings to her chic black and gold dress.

10-05-12 2 Jewellery 'the key to looking stylish'